Siberian Sturgeon - GTCaviar
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Siberian Sturgeon - GTCaviar
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Siberian Sturgeon

$375.00 $249.99
Size: 125g
Product description

Product Details:

Siberian sturgeon caviar is a source of youth and a symbol of prosperity. By consuming it regularly, you can significantly slow down the aging process in the body. But most importantly, the black caviar of Siberian sturgeon is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your status and good taste, as well as an absolutely accurate way to make friends and necessary acquaintances. Since the middle of the 19th century, this fish delicacy has successfully won love for itself all over the world and also unites people in an amazing way. Siberian sturgeon caviar: an unusual product of a living fossil. It is one of the oldest fish on the planet. Modern sturgeons have hardly undergone evolutionary changes since the Paleozoic era. At the same time, these giants are strikingly different from other freshwater fish species. Black caviar of Siberian sturgeon is a product unique in its taste and usefulness. This is not surprising: it contains all the substances necessary for the development of a fish embryo. The appearance of black caviar of Siberian sturgeon: eggs of medium size, greyish color. The product is considered one of the most nutritious. About a third of caviar consists of high-quality proteins, it also contains fats useful for the body. The main substances most useful for the human body: vitamins A, B, E, D; lecithin; polyunsaturated fatty acids; trace elements (iron, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iodine, etc.); folic acid.


  • Net Weight (oz):     4.4oz, 8.8oz
  • Net Weight (g):      125g, 250g, 500g
  • Refrigerate:             Always Refrigerate
  • Delivery:                  About a day after being shipped


IMPORTANT: All the products are guaranteed to be delivered frozen. Keep frozen, thaw under refrigeration immediately before use.

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